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Porting Micro C Linux to the Hitachi H8 Microprocessor!

Update Information!

We recently received developer boards from Hitachi! Developers ready to assist with the port effort may send me an email (SF username: rwehrli) and we can get a board out to you! This is the same board that Hitachi sells for $199.00 US. It features 8MB of SDRAM and 4MB of Flash, 10Mbits/s Ethernet.

Note that until we get someone to MANAGE OUR CVS (hint, hint) we have all of our project related files still located here.

Pleeeeeeaaase! Will someone volunteer to help out who knows HTML/PHP a lot better than me!

We need a decent web page and my "webmastering" is best described (in politically correct terms) as "extremely funky."

Rob Wehrli -- H8-uClinux Project Admin Wanna Be